PhD project by Stine Løvholt Grue Pedersen

Name: Stine Løvholt Grue
Project Title: CMUTs for a laparoscopic 3D ultrasound transducer
Group: MEMS applied sensors group 
Supervisor: Erik V. Thomsen

Project Description:
Today, laparoscopic ultrasound transducers are made using piezoelectric material but high frequency Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers (CMUTs) are expected to be excellent candidates for next generation transducers allowing for larger axial resolution and 3D imaging.
In this project CMUTs will be designed, fabricated and characterized. New packaging methods for CMUT will be investigated, including through-hole bonding as this will save valuable place inside the probe tip. The study will include both fusion bonding and anodic bonding between the top and bottom substrate of the CMUT. Different designs will be tested based on the contrast/resolution trade off in ultrasonic probes.


The project combines micro and nanotechnology with the field of ultrasound imaging for development of ultrasonic transducers. Recent results show that this opens new possibilities for designs of ultrasonic probes suitable for 3D imaging. The end goal of the project is a fully functional laparoscopic ultrasonic probe, capable of displaying high quality 3D images of interior body structures. 


Stine Løvholt Grue Pedersen
PhD student
DTU Health Tech


Erik Vilain Thomsen
Head of Division, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 57 66