PhD project by Maryam Naseri

Name: Maryam Naseri
Project Title: Development of Nanomaterial‐based Biosensors
Group: Nanomaterials and Nanobiosensors
Supervisor: Yi Sun

Project Description:

The main object of this project is to develop nanomaterial-based biosensors for drug residue, protein and heavy metal detection. We intend to combine advanced nanomaterials with novel bio-receptors and explore their potential application in electrochemical sensing.

Combination of advanced nanomaterials with novel bio-receptors are able to be adapted to meet the requirements of biosensors for in-field detection. Such electrochemical biosensor systems would also be valuable tools in various fields such as water monitoring, food safety, and medical diagnostics due to their good sensitivity and selectivity, high accuracy, fast response, and low cost.



Maryam Naseri
DTU Chemistry


Yi Sun
Groupleader, Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 26 67 39 98