Camilla Koldbæk Lemvigh

PhD project by Camilla Koldbæk Lemvigh

Name: Camilla Koldbæk Lemvigh
Project Title: Single cell immune profiling of blood cancers during immunotherapy treatment
Group: Single Cell Omics

Lars Rønn Olsen and Catherine J. Wu

Project Description:
The main object of this project is to profile immune and cancer cells at single-cell resolution in blood cancers patients both during disease course and immunotherapy.

The immune system possesses a large capability of eradicating cancer cells; however, cancer cells evolve and deploy escaping mechanisms to avoid being killed. Understanding these mechanisms and what the interplay between immune and cancer cells are across time is an important step in potentially utilizing the host immune system to fight the cancer.


Camilla Koldbæk Lemvigh
DTU Health Tech
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Lars Rønn Olsen
Group Leader, Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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