Mia Danielsen

PhD project by Mia Danielsen

Name: Mia Danielsen
Project Title: Biopharmaceutical Nanoclusters for Oral Drug Delivery
Colloids & Biological Interfaces (CBIO)
Andrew Urquhart


Project Description:
The aim of the PhD project is to develop new strategies for formulation of biopharmaceuticals to improve their intestinal uptake whilst minimizing their degradation. The number of studies on formulation of biopharmaceutical nanomedicine is relatively limited and usually involves the use of many synthesis steps and/or additives, which may give toxic and immunogenic reactions upon long-term administration.

The overall hypothesis is that biopharmaceuticals can be packed together to form nanoclusters (i.e. self-delivery) through self-assembly in a reversible manner and that the resulting nanoclusters will show enhanced performance compared to the free biopharmaceutical molecules.

Biopharmaceuticals (predominantly proteins and peptides) are critically important therapeutics for many diseases and hold the potential for new innovative treatments. Many biopharmaceuticals are either not absorbed or susceptible to degradation in the gastrointestinal tract and must therefore be administered by other means rather than the oral route e.g. by injection. Injection is not a convenient administration method for chronic therapy since it is often associated with discomfort and a risk for muscle atrophy, immunogenic response, and bone and nerve injuries. This can result in poor patient compliance, thereby reflecting the need for new types of formulations for delivery of biopharmaceuticals.

It is expected that the PhD project will contribute with new knowledge on how biopharmaceuticals can be formulated to enhance their stability upon storage and drug administration, their intestinal uptake as well as therapeutic effect.


Mia Danielsen
DTU National Food Institute


Andrew Urquhart
Groupleader, Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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