Jiantao Chen

PhD project by Jiantao Chen

Name: Jiantao Chen
Project Title:
Assembly and Characterization of Red Blood cells Substitutes
Biomimetics, Biocarriers and Bioimplants
Leticia Hosta-Rigau (Main Supervisor) and Ladan Parhamifar (Co-Supervisor)

Project Description:
This PhD project aims to fabricate novel hemoglobin (Hb) loaded nano delivery system as the red blood cell substitutes (RBCSs) with higher Hb loading efficiency and better biocompatibility. The surface of the nano delivery system will be modified to protect the Hb from being converted into the oxidized methemoglobin (metHb) and to prevent the Hb leakage. Besides, the novel nanocarrier will be investigated in vitro to get minimal cell internalization and low toxicity. Lastly, the RBCSs will be analyzed on animal models for further possibilities of clinical transformation.

Blood transfusion is an essential part of the resuscitation of injury, such as accidental damages, surgery, hemorrhagic shock, etc. However, the donor-derived blood products suffer from certain disadvantages such as worldwide acute shortage, the need for typing and matching before it can be transfused, and short lifetime (1-day stability when stored at room temperature and 42 days at 4 °C.) Thus, oxygen carriers without the aforementioned drawbacks are urgently needed.


Jiantao Chen
PhD student
DTU Health Tech


Leticia Hosta-Rigau
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Ladan Parhamifar
Senior Researcher
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