Chiara Casolani

PhD project by Chiara Casolani

Name: Chiara Casolani
Project Title:
Objective correlates of tinnitus and cochlear synaptopathy
Auditory Physics
Bastian Epp and James Harte

Project Description:
Tinnitus is the constant perception of sounds when there is no external stimulus coming from the environment. It is usually associated with hearing loss, but the causes are still not totally clear. In this study we want to evaluate tinnitus in the normal hearing population. The hypothesis is that there is a correlation between tinnitus and cochlear synapthopathy. Cochlear synapthopathy is a disruption of nerve fibres between the cochlea and the auditory nerve, which does not have as an output an increase in the hearing threshold that is why, is also known as hidden hearing loss.

A further characterization in subtypes of tinnitus will be useful for developing insights toward the development of better diagnosis and providing more specific and ad-hoc treatment.



Bastian Epp
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James Harte
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