PhD project by Annie Borch

Name: Annie Borch 
Project Title: Immune signatures and targets in human tumors
Group: T-cell and cancer
Supervisors: Sine Reker Hadrup, Lars Rønn Olsen and Ulrik Lassen 

Project Description: 
Immunotherapy of cancer has resulted in major clinical successes in recent years, largely due to the success of immunotherapy which can boost the immune system to kill cancer cells. Although these therapies have shown great promise for cancer treatment, only 15-20% of treated patients will benefit in the long-term. Some of these therapies especially help the cytotoxic T cells recognizing cancer specific antigen called neoepitopes. But only a small fraction of these neoepitopes is immunogenic which then can be recognized by CD8+ T cells. Therefore, there is an urgent need to identify biomarkers that can predict whether patients will have beneficial effect of the treatment and to find what characteristic of immunogenic neoepitopes. 


This PhD project will focus on finding prognostic biomarker and identifying immunogenic neoepitopes. The project will use next generation sequencing data from cancer patients and bioinformatic tools to analyze the data. Furthermore, characteristics of neoepitopes can be found and used to generate a model which can distinguish immunogenic from non-immunogenic neoepitopes. As a positive result of these projects, it might be clearer which patient that can benefit from immunotherapy and which neoepitopes that would be most important for the CD8+ T-cells to kill the cancer cells which is useful for generation of a personalized cancer vaccine. 


Annie Borch
PhD student
DTU Health Tech


Sine Reker Hadrup
Head of Sections, Professor
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Lars Rønn Olsen
Group Leader, Associate Professor
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