PhD projects initiated in 2018

Florine Lena Bachmann
Speech processing in hearing-impaired Chinese
PhD Student Anja Brus

Optimizing solid cancer treatment with local immuno-gel injection with immunostimulatory drugs

Tien-Jen Chang
3D printing of micro-container for oral delivery of probiotics
Juliane Fjelrad Christfort
Evaluating microcontainers for oral delivery of probiotics
Anna Colliander

Synthesis of TLR Agonists and Peptide Antigens for Cancer Therapy

Maria Drakaki

Computational modelling of the effects and side-effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation

Anne Birk Frahm
Metabolomics using dissolution DNP-NMR
Sara Garcia
Integration of omics and clinical data for prediction of treatment outcomes
Yaman Göksel
Towards therapeutic drug monitoring of methotrexate using SERS
Frodi Gregersen
Mapping of current-induced magnetic fields in the human brain using ultrahigh field magnetic resonance imaging
Christine Pepke Gunnarsson
Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with Labile Radicals
Stine Egebro Hansen

Microcontainers for improved biofilm treatment

Thirsa Huisman

The influence of vision on spatial hearing of hearing-impaired and aided hearing-impaired listeners

Rasmus Hvid
Modelling of Cardiac Biomechanics
Michelle Jansmann

Assembly and characterization of red blood cells substitutes

Khorshid Kamguyan
Microcontainers for Oral Delivery of Probiotics
Devender Kumar
Software Architecture and Platform for Multi-study and Multi-source Digital Phenotyping Research
Nanna Wichmann Larsen
Development of high-throughput peptide-screening assays for oral drug delivery
Raju Maharjan
Speech-Enabled Conversational Agents to Support the Self-Report of Mental Health and Wellbeing

Paolo Attilio Mesiano

Paolo Attilio Mesiano
Characterizing consequences of hearing impairment and hearing-aid on speech perception in competing-talker scenarios
Masoud Meskin
3D Fluid-Structure Interaction Modelling of the Left Atrium and the Mitral Valve
Nicolai Pedersen
Audio-visual deep learning for hearing instrument control
Alex Sanz Perez
Optimization of adoptive cell transfer in the preclinical setting: development of an in vivo imaging system
Sofie Rahbek
Development of Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (qMRI) Methods for Radiotherapy Response Studies
Birkir Reynisson
T Cell Immunoinformatics
Martin Schmidt
Single-particle and super-resolution microscopy data analysis
Nayere Taebnia
A human-gut-on-a-chip for drug delivery testing and disease modelling: breaking through the gut barrier
Madhu Veettikazhy

Two-photon Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy through Fibres (T-SPIF)

Giovanna Nunes Vilaza
Open-access data platform for behavioural monitoring and visual analytics for mental health
Arjen Weller
Small intestinal epithelial cell models designed for utilizing advanced microscopic platforms to investigate transport of biopharmaceuticals
Sven Weller
Developing a novel method using nanoparticles to expand cancer-specific T-cells in vitro
Hongkui Xiao
Transcriptional requirements for mucosal dendritic cell subset development and function
Jihwan Youn
Deep learning in Medical Ultrasound Imaging

Panagiotis Mantas

Immunogenomics and systems biology towards personalized medicine for MPN cancer

Anna-Lisa Schaap-Johansen

Deep Learning methods for Immunotherapy