PhD projects initiated in 2017

Rasmus Agerholm
Understanding the cellular and molecular cues of γδ T cells
Imran Akdemir Sayal
The Role Of The Transcription Factor T-Bet In B Cell Differentiation And Function
Salime Bazban-Shotorbani
Bioinspired targeted polymeric nanomedicines for atherosclerosis therapy
Kseniya Chetverikova
3D Ultrasound Cardiac Vector Flow Imaging
Rie Christensen
Engineering biomimicking microenvironments for functional drug-safety screening 
High pulse energy supercontinuum for combined flourescence and MSOT
A Bayesian Approach to Genome-Wide Association Studies of Childhood Asthma
Xiaotong Feng
Development of nanoBiosensor for detection of food contaminants
Pegah Hafiz
Computer- and Smartphone-based Assessment of Cognitive Functioning in Affective Disorders in Young People
Ulla Kring Hansen
Characterisation of T cell responses induced following immunotherapy
PhD project by Jeppe Sejerø Holm
Towards accurate prediction of T cell targests: Learning the rules of T cell receptor interaction
Muhammad Tahir Jamal
High Power Frequency Converted Tapered Diode Lasers
Emma Christine Jappe

Investigating predictive features for peptide immunogenicity in the context of cancer neoepitope immunotherapy

Kira Jørgensen
Synthesis of TLR agonists for immunotherapy
Aleksandra Koprowska
Auditory Training Strategies to Improve Speech Intelligibility in Hearing-Impaired Listeners
Serhii Kostrikov
Development of targeted drug delivery systems for the brain
Malte Laustsen
Prospective Motion Correction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Nikolaj Mandsberg
Biomineralization and biomimetics
Naim Mansour
Assessing Hearing Device Benefit using Virtual Sound Environments
PhD Student Björn-Ole Meyer
Multimodal Biophotonics Imaging of Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer
Keith Henry Moss
CodeSphere - Molecular encoding of nanoparticles for targeted cargo delivery
Design of monitoring systems for chronic sleep/brain disorders

Rasmus Munch Olsen

Development of continuous non-invasive monitoring system for early detection and prevention of serious morbidity and mortality after abdominal cancer
Martin Lind Ommen
Micromachined 2D transducers and phantoms for 3D super-resolution ultrasound imaging
Dennis Pedersbæk
Reconstituted high-density lipoproteins for immuno- and chemotherapeutic drug delivery
Anders Østergaard Petersen

Augmenting metagenomic-wide association studies by grouping species that share a functional potential or ecological role

Nadia Viborg Petersen
Development of improved neoepitope vaccination through elucidation of patients naïve T cell repertoire
Simone Isling Paerregaard
Characterization of intestinal stromal cells
Sriram Thoppe Rajendran
Sensors on disc
Martin Kjærulff Rasmussen
Nanofluidics devices for bioimaging of lipid vesicles

Perfusion Ultrasound Imaging





Laura Serioli
Optical sensor disc – cell on a disc
Roman Slipets
Development of highly sensitive Raman spectroscopy system for monitoring of multicomponent drug mixtures in the ppm concentration range
Dorthe Blirup Snejbjerg

Characterization of immune activation in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and cervical cancer



Camilla Stavnsbjerg

Development of novel drug delivery systems for cancer immunotherapy




The effects of hearing loss and noise on conversational dynamics
Arianna Toppi

Multiplex digital analysis of serum samples for Alzheimer’s disease diagnostics



Milena Vujovic

Statistical modelling of TCR repertoires for immunotherapy and drug delivery systems



Milan Wesseler
3D oxygenation of thymic organoids
Matilda Weywadt
Drug delivery of cancer immunotherapeutics