PhD projects initiated in 2016

Mohammad Albannay
Triple resonant electromagnetic structures for polarization transfer in DNP
The subcellular journey: Predicting the destination of proteins using deep learning
Suman Basak
Design, synthesis and development of biologically inspired polymeric nanomedicines for the treatment of advanced atherosclerosis
Design of Knowledge-Driven and Data-Driven Algorithms for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Esben Christensen
Targeted adjuvant delivery to antigen presenting cells
DNA Repair Pathway Aberrations in Personalized Chemotherapy
Rie Beck Hansen
Hyperpolarized Parallel MRI
Andreas Havreland
Micromachined integrated 2D transducers for ultrasound imaging
Perceptual consequences of noise-induced neural degeneration in humans
Mie Hübbe
Liposome based vaccines in cancer immunotherapy
Morten Jepsen
Drug transport in in vitro intestine models
Martin Closter Jespersen
Learning and B-cell Immunoinformatics
Ditte Jægher
Liposome based vaccines in cancer immunotherapy
Mursel Karadas
Highly Sensitive Magnetic Sensing of Neural Activity
Rasmus Lassen
The protein corona of liposomes for drug delivery

Activation and migration characteristics of intestinal dendritic cell subsets

Chiara Mazzoni
Loading of microcontainers for oral drug delivery
Mette Mosgaard
Mucoadhesive microcontainers for oral drug delivery
Kamilla Kjaergaard Munk
Improved prediction methods for understanding the TCR-peptide-MHC interaction
Big Data approaches for prediction of disease treatment efficacy and related outcomes
Computed tomography metal artifact reduction  for radiotherapy using magnetic resonance imaging
Metagenomic Data Stratified using Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning Methods for Clinical Sleep Analysis

Peptide-MHC-directed expansion of antigen-responsive CD8 T cells using antigen-presenting scaffolds

Varadarajan Rangacharya
Micro- and nanomechanical string resonators with plasmonic probes
John Rizk
Transciptional and post-translational control of T lymphocytes
Adaptive Smartphone-based Behavioural Activation for Treating Depression
Raul Sanchez Lopez

Clinical auditory profiling and hearing-aid fitting strategies

Viktoria Sereti
Nanomedicine development for combination with ultrasound mediated brain cancer therapy
Sara Sigurdardottir
Design, Synthesis and Development of Hypoxia Reactive Drug Delivery Systems
Lukas Vaut
Additive Manufacturing and Characterization of Mini Devices for Oral Drug Delivery
Marlitt Viehrig
Development of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Sensors
Advanced Materials for the Delivery of Anti-Cancer Compounds and Imaging Contrast Agents