PhD projects initiated earlier

Axel Ahrens

Characterizing auditory and audio-visual perception in virtual environments




Marie Louise Laub Busk

SMS-Amplification: free Single Molecule mRNA Sequencing for digital quantification of cancer monomal residual disease markers



Controlling a hearing aid by electrically assessed eye-gaze
Helia Iborra Relano
Predicting speech perception of normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners
Whole genome comparison and evolutionary analysis of Mitis group streptococci - a causative agent of infective endocarditis
Niclas Alexander Janssen
Binaural Streaming in Cochlear Implant Patients
Peter Jørgensen
Characterization of stromal cell subsets in the healthy and inflamed human intestine
Martin Kisha Kræmer

Prodrugs and Linker Systems for Degradation in Diseased Tissue as part of Liposomal Drug Delivery Systems



Wiebke Lamping
Improving cochlear implant performance through psychophysical measures
Ditte Villum Madsen

Immune cell targeted drug delivery systems for combination with chemotherapy




Safety and dose estimation of transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation (TFUS)
MHC multimer-binding CD8 T cells: Optimized detection, automated analysis and identification of antigen specific CD8 T cells in Narcolepsy type 1
Identification of T Cell Antigens for Precision-Targeted Immune Therapy of Cancer