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Serhii Kostrikov
13 AUG

Locating brain tumour regions for drug targeting

Supported by the Lundbeck Foundation, researchers at DTU Health Tech together with collaborators from Copenhagen University and Danish Cancer Society have developed a...

Biological systems Cells Nanoparticles Physiological modelling Nanomedicine Health and diseases
Blood-Brain barrier
05 JUL

New insights bring hope for better treatment of neurological conditions

In collaboration with colleagues from the RIBBDD research initiative, supported by the Lundbeck Foundation, researchers at DTU Health Tech have uncovered new possibilities...

Cells Biological systems Medicine and medico technology Nanomedicine Health and diseases
Professor Morten Nielsen
24 JUN

Computer models pave the way for efficient cancer vaccines

Professor Morten Nielsen, DTU Health Tech, develops algorithms and models that are essential for creating better cancer vaccines and medicine.

Medicine and medico technology Biological systems Cells Genes and genomes Computer calculations Mathematical modelling
Rodolphe Marie and Johan Ulrik Lind
09 JUN

NERD grants for two DTU Health Tech researchers

Associate Professor Rodolphe Marie and Associate Professor Johan Ulrik Lind have each been awarded a NERD grant that will ensure they can develop their creative and original...

Medicine and medico technology Health and diseases Biological systems Medical equipment and systems Micro and nanotechnology
Anton A. A. Smith
20 NOV

Research leader Anton A. A. Smith from DTU Health Tech receives Sapere Aude grant

This year, Independent Research Fund Denmark has granted Sapere Aude funds to a number of research leaders including Researcher Anton A.A. Smith from DTU Health Tech...

Health and diseases Cells Biological systems Enzymes and proteins Chemistry

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