Teacher of the Year

Monday 26 Apr 21


Bastian Epp
Groupleader, Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 53
At the DTU Commemoration, which was held this Friday online, Bastian Epp, Associate Professor at Hearing Systems, Health Tech, was presented the award as Teacher of the Year.

“In Polyteknisk Forening (polytechnical association), we have a tradition every year to honor the teachers who make studying at DTU something very special. As chairman of Polyteknisk Forening, it is a great honor for me to present the award as teachers of the year,” Andreas Baltzer Skov announced.

Due to the Covid19 restrictions, it was not possible to celebrate physically but nevertheless it was a quite impressive set up and arrangement online. In the student union they had gone through all the nominations online. Not less than 125 nomination options were sent in.

"Bastian Epp is one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever had"
Christian Rømer Tulstrup, student

”When you read the argumentations for the nominated teachers you get this feeling that “wow”. There are quite some teachers out there who have taken the step beyond what you could expect as a student and they are really making sure that you feel heard and valued throughout your studies.

“Bastian Epp is one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever had,” one of the students said:
“He takes time every week to talk to every single student.”

“Also, the fact that he puts a lot of emphasis on learning to understand the concepts”, another student added: “You are not being “taught” but learning from and with him. It just gives a different dynamic effect.”

Bastian Epp is happy for the award and recognition from the students.
“However, I couldn’t have done that without the support from my colleagues in the Hearing Systems Section,” he says.

Two Teachers from DTU were awarded: Bastian Epp (Hearing Systems, Health Tech) and Henrik Bechmann (DTU Engineering Technology). With the award comes DKK 25.000 and a gift from Polyteknisk Forening.

Polyteknisk Forening, in short PF, is the student union at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). It translates to “Polytechnical Association”, but only the Danish name is used.

Photo (from a teaching situations): Niclas A Janßen

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