Magnetic stimulation for depression

Wednesday 27 Nov 19


Axel Thielscher
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 53 13

A collaboration project will develop and test a new method for treatment-resistant depression

Researchers from Hvidovre Hospital and DTU Health Tech will develop the equipment and software for the novel treatment method in collaboration with The Capital region of Denmark, MagVentura a Danish SME and several international partners.

This new method can provide help to the 25% of all depressions that become resistant to existing treatment. And with the added benefit of fewer side effects compared to traditional medical treatments. The idea is to stimulate the brain with magnetism in a non-invasive manner that is tailored to the individual patient.

“I am very excited that our collaboration has obtained this seal of approval from Innovation Fund Denmark. The funding allows our pioneering research at DTU Health Tech in real-time electric field estimation and  biophysical modelling of brain stimulation effects to move to the next level, enabling highly personalized precision brain stimulation for maximum impact on the individual patient. The potential is substantial in terms of clinical and commercial impact, and I am looking forward to tackling the significant research challenges involved together with the other partners”, says Axel Thielscher.

Axel Thielscher, who is an Associate Professor, is partly employed at DTU and partly employed at Hvidovre Hospital and he will lead DTU's part of the project.  

Read more about the project that has just received funding from the Innovation Fund Denmark here or IFD's website (in Danish) here.

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