10 MDKK to continue CHeSS

Monday 13 May 19


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 77

The Hearing Systems Section has received 10 million DKK from the William Demant Foundation for continuous support of the Oticon Centre of Excellence for Hearing and Speech Sciences (CHeSS)

The new Centre will run for five years (2019-2024) and will be focused on auditory neuroscience and computational modeling. The centre will focus on fundamental questions about how the auditory system codes and represents sound in everyday acoustic environments.

Using computational auditory modeling, a major goal is to provide a description of the transformations of acoustical input signals into their essential ‘internal’ representations in the brain. The center combines neuroimaging with psychophysics and computational modelling to understand the mechanisms that underlie the remarkable robustness of the normal-hearing auditory system in real-world situations and to understand how these mechanisms are affected by hearing impairment.

State-of-the-art models of hearing struggle to accurately predict auditory perception in complex real-life situations, such as speech recognition in a busy restaurant, and consequently lack in understanding the consequences of hearing loss in real-world listening. This is crucially due to a lack of knowledge about central representations of speech or other natural sounds in higher-order brain processing. A central goal of the centre is to connect the ‘missing link’ between existing models of the auditory periphery, where a hearing impairment usually arises, and the later brain stages that describe the consequences in everyday perception.

The activities will be in collaboration with Prof. Laurel Carney from the University of Rochester (USA), Prof. Lars Kai Hansen from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at DTU and Prof. Hartwig Siebner from the Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance at the Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre.

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