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10 AUG

Project at Health Tech aims to monitor drugs in cancer patients

Researchers from DTU Health Tech are developing a miniaturized tabletop device that can perform therapeutic drug monitoring on a single drop of blood in a matter of minutes...

01 JUL

Centre for Diagnostics and BioFacility become part of DTU Health Tech

To gather DTU’s expertise within diagnostics, Centre for Diagnostics is included in DTU Health Tech from 1 July 2020. Likewise, due to the embedded synergies, BioFacility...

Medicine and medico technology
25 JUN

Machine learning predicts side effects from chemotherapy

In collaboration with Rigshospitalet, researchers from DTU Health Technology have developed a machine learning model that can predict chemotherapy-associated nephrotoxicity...

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Photo by Jonathan Weimar
24 JUN

DTU spin-out releases a COVID-19 antibody test providing lab-grade accuracy in...

BluSense Diagnostics has CE-marked its blood test for the detection of the antibodies, which identifies if a person has had the coronavirus infection (COVID-19). ViroTrack...

04 JUN

Two NERD grants to DTU Health Tech researchers

Two researchers at DTU Health Tech receive 13 and 12.5 MDKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s new programme NERD.

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Foto Bax Lindhardt
02 JUN

COVID-19 tests 14 hours a day, 7 days a week

Since the beginning of April, intensive work has been done to set up a testing line at DTU aimed at increasing the COVID-19 test capacity in the Capital Region of Denmark...

02 JUN

Podcast - Head of Innovation Stine Kruse talks innovation in healthcare

Head of Innovation at DTU Health Tech, Stine Kruse, talks about innovation in healthcare in the podcast ”Sundhedsvisioner'.

02 JUN

New knowledge about our immune system provided by novel technique

New unique techniques for investigating our intestinal immune system can lead to new possibilities for treatment of chronic intestinal diseases.

Medicine and medico technology Cells
26 MAY

DTU Health Tech receives three grants from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

Three researchers have managed to get through the eye of the needle and have received funding for their projects from the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

Medicine and medico technology
Postdoc Arthur César Pinon
25 MAY

Non-toxic contrast agent to enhance MRI scanning sensitivity

Researchers at DTU Health Tech have developed a new water-based high contrast alternative technique for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Health and diseases Medical equipment and systems
13 MAY

Measuring nanoparticles in a salt gradient could be a step towards new types of...

Researchers from DTU Health Tech have shown how to measure the size and surface charge of nanoparticles with something as simple as table salt.

Health and diseases
07 MAY

New test for fast tracking of Corona

In many countries, Corona virus tests are limited by infrastructure and test facilities, and consequently only serious cases are tested. This gives an unclear picture of...

30 APR

Good bacteria may cause serious damage

“Streptococci” is a term describing a group of bacteria in our oral cavity from which we mostly benefit. However, if these enter the blood stream they may prove...

Health and diseases Mathematical modelling
Foto Jamie Street/Unsplash
24 APR

New app gathers data on corona symptoms

The iBreath app collects data on coughs and other symptoms of lung disease. With the aid of artificial intelligence, the app can be used to automatically detect corona...

Photo Mikal Schlosser
20 APR

Today’s alchemist

Professor Mikael Jensen makes radiopharmaceuticals. He creates nuclear reactions in different elements to change them; he cheats the periodic system so to speak.

Foto ATE-Denmark
20 APR

Virus test for use at home

In collaboration with Odense University Hospital, DTU will contribute to the development of a simple and inexpensive test device which can be used to assess the pathological...

people walking a dog by the ocean
20 APR

Launch of new App for Collection of Pulmonary Health Symptoms

The Copenhagen Center for Health Technology have launched a new app for collection of respiratory data. This is to be used for building artificial intelligence approaches...

Information technology Medicine and medico technology
Production of radioactive medicine
20 APR

Early mornings help Danish cancer patients

While Denmark and DTU have been under lockdown, vital parts of society have kept going. This also includes to some of DTU’s laboratories.

Radioactive pharmaceuticals and isotopes Health and diseases
17 APR

Attention decoded from brain activity of elderly hearing-impaired

Researchers from Hearing Systems at DTU Health Tech have developed techniques to decode attention from brain activity of elderly hearing impaired listeners. The results...

Hearing aids Health and diseases
14 APR

New discoveries regarding our immune system can give important insights to future...

New findings by researchers from the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Health Technology, in collaboration with researchers from the Unit of Functional Cancer...

Medicine and medico technology Health and diseases

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