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12 MAR

Electron cascades battle brain cancer

A collaboration between DTU and Odense University Hospital shall lead to a new type of treatment against an otherwise incurable type of brain cancer

Biotechnology and biochemistry
Peter Ouma Okeyo_DTU Health Tech
06 MAR

Easier and more sensitive method for drug characterisation

Postdoc Peter Ouma Okeyo and his colleagues at DTU Health Tech, University of Copenhagen and University of Oslo have developed a new method that can reduce costs in early...

Medicine and medico technology
Christina Bligaard Pedersen and Nikolaj Kofoed Mandsberg
04 MAR

Talented PhD Students awarded with prestigious travel grants

Two young researchers from DTU Health Tech have received EliteForsk Travel Grants from the Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science.

Medicine and medico technology
28 FEB

New Bloch Simulator for MR education

Assoc Prof Lars G. Hanson has developed an educational tool, the Bloch Simulator, for teaching and learning MR imaging and NMR.

Medicine and medico technology Medical equipment and systems
Sine Reker Hadrup. Foto: Søren Kjeldgaard/EliteForsk.
27 FEB

Cancer researcher receives EliteForsk prize

Professor Sine Reker Hadrup is honoured with one of this year's EliteForsk prizes for her immunotherapy research. At the same time, three PhD students from DTU are awarded...

Cells Health and diseases Catalysis
25 FEB

New collaboration on ultra-high field MR with University of Eindhoven

MR at ultra-high field offers new insight into the relationship between structure and function of the human body.

24 FEB

Funding for new collaboration with University of Queensland

DTU and University of Queensland will collaborate on bioprobes for Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

Medicine and medico technology Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases
06 FEB

Radiometer works with DTU to detect hemolysis

Researchers from DTU Health Tech have developed a sensor that can detect the destruction of red blood cells in blood samples (hemolysis) in close collaboration with Radiometer...

A new Innovation Fund Denmark project will determine the exact points in the brain where magnetic stimulation will have the greatest treatment effect on the individual patient suffering from depression. photo Jesper Scheel
23 JAN

Magnetic stimulation for depression

Advanced software and magnetic stimulation of the brain aims to help patients suffering from depression.

Medicine and medico technology
Foto Colourbox
21 JAN

The world’s thinnest spectacle lenses

Researchers from DTU Health Tech are developing a so-called ThinLens technology to make ultra-light and ultra-thin prescription lenses.

13 JAN

DTU Health Tech expands its area of expertise

On 1 January 2020, 41 employees from recently closed DTU Nutech’s two sections Hevesy Lab and Dosimetry joined DTU Health Tech.

Radioactive pharmaceuticals and isotopes Medicine and medico technology
Foto: Vibeke Hempler
13 DEC

DTU receives grant for advanced research equipment

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants worth DKK 75 million for research infrastructures. Three of the six grants were awarded to DTU researchers.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Chemistry Medicine and medico technology
12 DEC

Bold research ideas rewarded with millions

Earlier this year, when the Lundbeck Foundation opened for applications for a new research grant called LF Experiments they received 293 applications!

09 DEC

Advanced microscopy at a lower cost

New paper in Nature Communications

Light sources Optics
27 NOV

Magnetic stimulation for depression

A collaboration project will develop and test a new method for treatment-resistant depression

Health and diseases Medicine and medico technology
24 OCT

Axel Thielscher receives Ascending Investigator grant for brain stimulation research

Assoc Prof Axel Thielscher has received a DKK 5 million grant from Lundbeck Foundation for "Accurate Computational Dose Control for Transcranial Electric and Ultrasound...

Photo by Elvira Eberhardt
21 OCT

70 MDKK for MR scanning and insights into metabolic processes

Professor Jan Ardenkjær-Larsen from DTU Health Tech receives the prestigious ERC Synergy grant together with Professors in Physics Martin Plenio and Fedor Jelezko...

Health and diseases Medical equipment and systems Medicine and medico technology
Jørgen Arendt Jensen and Erik V. Thomsen. Photo by Jesper Scheel
21 OCT

73 MDKK for ultrasound in 4D

Jørgen Arendt Jensen and Erik Vilain Thomsen from DTU Health Tech receive the prestigious ERC Synergy grant, awarded to cross-disciplinary research projects. The...

Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases Micro and nanotechnology
21 OCT

Danish Sound Award 2019 presented to Professor Torsten Dau

At Danish Sound Day 2019 on the 9th of October, Torsten Dau, professor at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet - DTU, was given this year’s Danish Sound Award (Dansk Lydpris...

Physiological modelling Medical equipment and systems Sound Health and diseases

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