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Foto Simon Fulgø
06 JAN

Intelligent alarm system helps Danish Covid-19 patients

A group of Danish researchers from Rigshospitalet, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital and DTU Health Tech have developed a unique patient surveillance system with artificial...

Medicine and medico technology Information technology
Foto: DTU
09 DEC

Three ERC Consolidator Grants to DTU researchers

DTU researchers receive three out of nine Danish Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council.

03 DEC

DTU spinout enters commercial agreement with VWR/Avantor

DTU spinout cphnano is entering a new chapter after signing an important agreement with the global research and life science supplier VWR/Avantor.

Kim Birnie-Gauvin with an 83 cm large sea trout—ready to be released in Villestrup Å stream after being tagged. Photo Jessica Desforges
30 NOV

PhD thesis of the year proves value of removing creek barriers

Kim Birnie-Gauvin from DTU Aqua received the PhD thesis of the Year Award at the annual PhD reception. Six other PhD graduates and the PhD supervisor of the year were also...

27 NOV

Medtech company from DTU raises substantial funding to improve cancer therapy

Nanovi, a medical spin-out company from DTU Department of Health Technology specialised in precision marking for better cancer therapy, has successfully completed...

Photo: Bax Lindhardt
27 NOV

Research focusing on scientific presentations and UN Sustainable Development Goals

PhD students at DTU are not only trained to do research, but also to talk about their research and how it contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Medicine and medico technology
25 NOV

Monta Biosciences to bring years of cancer research to patients

DTU spin-out MonTa Biosciences has transitioned from a preclinical to a clinical stage biotech company. They will begin clinical trials of their lead candidate for cancer...

Anton A. A. Smith
20 NOV

Research leader Anton A. A. Smith from DTU Health Tech receives Sapere Aude grant

This year, Independent Research Fund Denmark has granted Sapere Aude funds to a number of research leaders including Researcher Anton A.A. Smith from DTU Health Tech for...

Health and diseases Cells Biological systems Enzymes and proteins Chemistry
Blood samples
10 NOV

A step forward towards developing immunotherapy for hematological cancers

Researchers from DTU Health Tech identify promising possibilities for applying immunotherapy to hematological cancer patients.

Cells Medicine and medico technology Health and diseases
Darius Rohani - New app to promote beneficial behaviour for depressed people
21 OCT

New app to promote beneficial behaviour for depressed people

Researchers at DTU Health Tech have developed an app that recommends personalized activities to help patients with depression feel better through healthy activities.

Medicine and medico technology Data analysis Software and programming
Tao Zheng - Nanoagents fight brain cancer
20 OCT

Nanoagents fight brain cancer

DTU Health Tech researchers lead by Associate Professor Yi Sun have constructed a new type of nanoagent to suppress glioblastoma – a common type of tumour originating...

Medicine and medico technology Nanomedicine
Heart on a chip
15 OCT

Promising new therapies for heart attacks identified

Researchers from Harvard University and DTU Health Tech have discovered that tiny vesicles travelling between cells provide protection against heart attacks

Medicine and medico technology Artificial organs
23 SEP

New technology causes body to fight cancer at full strength

Researchers at DTU Health Tech have found a way to break down the defence mechanisms that cancer cells use to slow down the immune system, and then restart the body&rsquo...

Medicine and medico technology
TRAP device
16 SEP

Samples from the small intestine provide more knowledge

Researchers from DTU Health Tech have developed a system for sampling bacteria from the small intestine to provide more knowledge about our digestive system, and how it...

Medicine and medico technology
Foto: Bax Lindhardt
09 SEP

DTU ranked number two in research world ranking

In the new World University Research Rankings 2020 which focuses on three core areas of university research, DTU ranks second in the world and number one in Europe.

Foto Bax Lindhardt
07 SEP

DTU gears up to perform 10,000 covid-19 tests a day

DTU has entered into an agreement with the Capital Region of Denmark on providing laboratory responses to 10,000 covid-19 samples daily. This amounts to a third of all...

26 AUG

Smart sock from DTU aims to monitor blood clot symptoms

Researchers from DTU are developing a non-invasive device that can monitor symptoms of a potential blood clot cheap and efficiently with novel IoT and sensor technology...

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