DTU Health Tech engineers healthcare technologies that enables better health and well being for humans. We work together with companies and hospitals to provide new technological solutions to humans in modern society.

Our research, innovation and education focus is broad and interdisciplinary. We focus on developing technologies and solutions important for enhancing human health.

Examples include:

  • Design of new materials for healthcare products
  • Sensors and devices that can be utilized in screening for early indicators of disease or for creating new imaging methodology of humans organs and tissues
  • New technologies for restoring impaired human organ function
  • New therapies for treating disease - And advanced data analysis that enables anything from better 3D imaging of patient tissues, to finding the causes of disease, or even provide novel treatment strategies.

DTU Health Tech is an interdisciplinary department that combines the fields of mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry and biology to allow us to find new ways of innovating the technologies of the future.