PhD project by Niels Overby

Name: Niels Overby
Project Title: Scene-aware comprensation strategies for hearing aids in adverse conditions
Group: Hearing Systems
Supervisors: Tobias May and Torsten Dau

Project Description: 
One of the main challenges for people with hearing impairment is that loud sounds remains loud, while quieter sounds can be impossible to hear. In hearing aids, a process called dynamic range compression is used to make quiet sounds louder without making loud sounds excessively loud. This increases the speech intelligibility as the quiet speech components are amplified while the louder speech components are not over amplified.
This works very well in quiet conditions, but not in adverse conditions where background noises and reverberation are amplified as well.
This projects investigates a scene-aware compensation strategy, where source separation is used to only apply dynamic range compression on the target speech signal. 

Example: Combining source separation with dynamic range compression ensures that audibility can be restored for a hearing aid user even in conditions with background noises, multiple talkers, and room reverberation. 


Niels Overby
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Tobias May
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Torsten Dau
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