Yogesh Basavaraju

PhD project by Yogesh Basavaraju

Name: Yogesh Basavaraju
Project Title: Develop and validate novel MHC-II based T cell detection technologies to interrogate
CD4 T cell reactivity and determine key characteristics of neoepitope immunogenicity
Group: T-cells and cancer
Supervisor: Sine Reker Hadrup

Project Description: 
CD4 T cells play a pivotal role in the human immune system and recent observations emphasize their anti-tumor potency. The main objective of this PhD, is to express MHC class II monomers and have an optimized peptide-exchange protocol so that we can study the neoepitope immunogenicity of the CD4 T cells using multi-color flow cytometry. The MHC II monomers can further be barcode-tagged and applied in the single cell platform to interrogate antigen specificity.

The human immune system is multi-facetted intelligence where many specific cells play their role. Understanding the CD4 T cells opens up new doors to look through as an opportunity of treatment with immunotherapy. The MHC class II molecules together with scaffolding technology can help to isolate and expand CD4 T cells, which can be combined together with CD8 T cells for adoptive cell therapy. 


Yogesh Basavaraju
DTU Sundhedsteknologi


Sine Reker Hadrup
Sektionsleder, Professor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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