Xin Li

PhD project by Xin Li

Name: Xin Li
Project Title:
Optimizing solid cancer treatment with local immono-gel injection with immunostimulatory drugs
Colloids & Biological Interfaces (CBIO)
Thomas Lars Andresen, Lars Ringgaard Petersen and Gael Clergeaud Veiga

Project Description:
This PhD project is focused on optimizing cancer treatment with immunostimulatory drugs formulated in liposomes for sustained drug delivery and further exploit it as a vaccination platform in combination with adoptive T‐cell therapy.The PhD project will primarily focus on the development of the drug delivery system, optimizing the encapsulation of immunostimulatory drugs into liposomes to  obtain controllable delivery systems with fast/slow drug  release  properties that will impact their biological effect in vivo. After the formulation optimization  and in vitro testing, we will investigate the in vivo anticancer efficacy of the liposomes as vaccination platforms with adoptive T‐cell therapy.

This project aims to prove anticancer efficacy in preclinical studies on murine models of the developed  liposomes,  both  as monotherapy  but also as liposomal vaccination  platforms to potentially improve the outcome of therapeutic cancer vaccines.


Xin Li
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