Laura Serioli

PhD project by Laura Serioli

Name: Laura Serioli
Project Title: Optical Sensor Disc – Cell on a Disc
Group: Drug delivery and Sensing (IDUN)
Supervisor: Anja Boisen. Co-supervisor Kinga Zór and Tomas Rindzevicius

Project Description: 
 “The main object of this project is to develop a centrifugal microfluidic platform with integrated sensors for cell based assays. Once the cell culture system is established and cells can be cultured on the Lab on a Disc device we will evaluate the effect of various drugs on cells. Optical and electrochemical detection techniques will be employed to investigate cell growth, differentiation or death while optomagnetic detection will be used for the detection of the released, secreted compounds and biomarkers.”

“During the years biological models, such as in vitro cell cultures have been created and used to understand cellular behaviour. Centrifugal microfluidics is an alternative to conventional laboratory techniques and allows the adaptation of complete laboratory protocols and assays on a relatively small footprint. These systems have the potential to be of great importance in clinical applications. Working with cells grown in fluidics, in perfusion culture at low flow rates, has certain advantages since it mimics more accurately the in vivo condition then the commonly used static cell culture system. The liquid flow can be used to provide oxygen and nutrition to the cells and remove waste from the cells at the same time. Moreover it is possible to evaluate the effect of different drugs and drug formulations on cells.” 




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