Anders Østergaard Petersen

PhD project by Anders Østergaard Petersen

Name: Anders Østergaard Petersen
Project Title: Augmenting metagenomic-wide association studies by grouping species that share a functional potential or ecological role
Supervisor: Anders Gorm Pedersen

Project Description:
In this project we aim at identifying associations between the human gut microbiome and clinical health data in patient populations. To this end, we will identify taxonomically and functionally related groups of gut microbial species that associate with traits of interest, such as obesity, and autoimmunity. We will also investigate the potential of microbiome-based treatments to alleviate symptoms and improve health.

The gut microbiome has emerged as a new frontier for disease origins and treatment of a variety of diseases. Understanding this new angle of disease promises a new avenue of combating diseases, both in symptom alleviation and disease treatment. The use of probiotics which will be investigated in this project, to identify any potential for alleviation novel treatments of diseases.


Anders Gorm Pedersen
Gruppeleder, Professor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi