Sara Sigurdardottir

PhD project by Sara Sigurðardóttir

Project Title: Design and synthesis of targeting ligands for improved drug delivery to the brain
Group: Colloids and Biological Interfaces
Supervisors: Thomas Lars Andresen and Nazila Kamaly

Project description
This PhD project is a part of a research initiative with the aim to investigate blood-brain barrier function and to develop drug delivery systems for transport to the brain. The project will focus on the design and synthesis of targeting ligands known to mediate transport across the blood-brain barrier for the functionalization of liposome-based drug delivery systems.


Drug delivery to the brain is a great challenge for researchers within the pharmaceutical field, as the majority of therapeutic molecules do not cross the blood-brain barrier. The successful delivery of therapeutic agents over the blood-brain barrier could be instrumental in the treatment of a variety of brain diseases.


Thomas Lars Andresen
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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