Chiara Mazzoni

PhD project by Chiara Mazzoni

Project Title: Loading of microcontainers for oral drug delivery
Group: Drug delivery and Sensing (IDUN)
Supervisor: Anja Boisen

Project Description:
The present PhD project is based on the development of micrometer sized polymer containers (microcontainers) for oral drug delivery in the treatment of diabetes, HIV and chronic inflammatory diseases. In particular, the main task of the project is the development of different loading methods for microcontainers.

It is possible to load the containers with poorly soluble drugs and sensitive drugs. Loading techniques must avoid drug waste and degradation. Combination of different techniques will be useful for the deposition of a polymeric matrix that will include drug in the amorphous state to allow a higher bioavailability.”

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Chiara Mazzoni
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Anja Boisen
Sektionsleder, Professor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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