Rasmus Lassen

PhD project by Rasmus Lassen

Project Title: The Protein Corona of Liposomes for Drug Delivery
Group: Colloids and Biological Interfaces
Supervisors: Thomas Lars Andresen and Jens Bæk Simonsen

Project Description:
The scope of the project is to investigate the so-called Protein Corona of liposomes; a layer of proteins that is hypothesized to cover a nanoparticle when subjected to a biological fluid such as blood. The corona gives the particle a "biological identity" with properties that might differ completely from the "synthetic identity" of the particle we have characterized in buffer, for example in respect to size and charge. The main focus will be on interactions with the proteins of the immune defence.

Understanding the characteristics of the protein corona created on different nanomaterials in various environments will both be important for research in toxic and allergic reactions to nanoparticles that we humans are unintentionally exposed to, as well as for development of nanoparticles for medical purposes. The ability to control the composition of the protein corona will make it possible to develop safer drug delivery systems, with lowered immune recognition, longer circulation times, less cytotoxicity as well as improved targeting to certain types of cells.


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Jens Bæk Simonsen
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