Morten Jepsen

PhD project by Morten Jepsen

Name: Morten Leth Jepsen
Project Title: Drug transport in in vitro intestine models
Group: Fluidic Array Systems Technology and Drug delivery and Sensing (IDUN)
Supervisors: Martin Dufva, Line Hagner Nielsen, Anja Boisen

Project Description: The main objective of this project is to develop a novel in vitro intestinal model, with intestinal cells incorporated in an intestine-like structure, capable of the following:

  1. The model will provide precise determination of drug transport rates
  2. Have close resemblance to the in vivo intestinal absorption situation in humans.
  3. Allow for the studies of drug absorption mechanisms
  4. Provide an easy method of drug absorption screening

Perspective: Many drugs are orally administrated and absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract over the intestinal membrane, hence the perspective of this project is to develop an in vitro model simulating this situation.

An intestinal model such as the one described is expected to give rise to a method of more precise information on drug absorption rates and faster screening of medicines. Furthermore, the model will give rise to a better understanding of drug absorption mechanisms. A deeper understanding of drug absorption mechanistically and rate wise will strongly impact development of oral medicines.

Figure legend: Must oral medications are absorbed in the small intestines. The small intestine comprise of folds which increase the surface area and villi on the folds increase the surface area even more. This project will look into transport of drug over the epithelial cell barrier of the small intestines to reach blood circulation. 

Project description


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Anja Boisen
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