PhD school at DTU Health Tech

PhD studies at the Department of Health Technology are an integrated part of the research conducted at the department. As a PhD student, you become part of a research group.

A PhD study program corresponds to 3 years of full-time studies and includes

  • Completion of an independent, scientific project
  • A PhD study program (courses equivalent to 30 ECTS points)
  • Teaching and dissemination of knowledge (840 TA-hours)
  • External Research Stay (3-6 months)

The PhD degree is awarded when the student has completed a PhD program as well as defended his/her thesis in a satisfactory way. The PhD graduate must document a capacity to carry out a scientific project involving independent application of the relevant scientific methodology, thereby displaying a research effort at a level corresponding to international standards of PhD degrees within the specific field.

At DTU, PhD studies are conducted at PhD schools. PhD students at DTU Health Tech belong to Health Tech’s PhD School.

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