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Master students

Name Project
Oriol Vidal Casasayas Master Thesis: Multimodal light-sheet fluorescence microscopy for retinal imaging
Stefan M. Jensen Special Course (Fibre Optics)
Monika Kupska Master Thesis: Investigation of photocoagulation treatment effects by using a new pattern-scanning laser
Lasse Bo Mortensen Special Course: (Optical Imaging Methods and Image Analysis of Tissue and Cells)
Magnus Hornhaver Nymann Special Course (Lightsheet Microscopy)
Jeremie Sobel Master Thesis: Characterization of an optical potassium assay based on a microfluidic chip


Peter E. Andersen
Groupleader, Senior Researcher
DTU Health Tech
+45 22 45 45 57


Lars René Lindvold
Senior Researcher
DTU Electro