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onsdag 24 mar 21


Raul Sanchez Lopez
DTU Sundhedsteknologi


Michal Fereczkowski
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
45 25 47 98


Torsten Dau
Sektionsleder, Professor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
45 25 39 77


Sébastien Santurette
Adjungeret Lektor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi

This month, the paper "Towards Auditory Profile-Based Hearing-Aid Fitting: Fitting Rationale and Pilot Evaluation" was chosen for the cover story in the scientific international journal Audiology Research.





















The clinical characterization of hearing deficits for hearing-aid fitting purposes is typically based on the pure-tone audiogram only. This study proposes and pilot-tests hearing-aid settings for four clinically relevant patient sub-populations or “auditory profiles” to achieve more individualized treatment. The results showed different preference patterns for the auditory profiles, thereby supporting further investigations into profile-based hearing-aid fitting. 
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Sanchez-Lopez, R.; Fereczkowski, M.; Santurette, S.; Dau, T.; Neher, T. Towards Auditory Profile-Based Hearing-Aid Fitting: Fitting Rationale and Pilot Evaluation. Audiol. Res. 202111, 10-21.

Audiology Research (ISSN 2039-4349) is an international, scientific, peer-reviewed open access journal on Audiology and Neurotology published quarterly online by MDPI (from Volume 10 Issue 2 - 2020). Open Access— free to download, share, and reuse content.

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