PhD projects initiated in 2021

Nanna Møller Barnkob
B cells and antibodies in anti-tumour immunity in colorectal cancer
Neil Borthwick
Immunogenic polymer – lipid nanodiscs
Julio A Vacacela Cordova
Adaptable and 3D Printable Hydrogels for Bone Tissue Engineering
Kristine Degn
Classification and Annotation of Cancer Variants using Structure-Based Methods
Rasmus Ulslev Wegener Friis
In vivo engineering of CAR T-cells through nanoparticle directed gene-delivery
Dual energy CT and PET/CT image registration for visualization of hypoxia
Hamidreza Gharibi
Designing Adaptable and Smart Self-healed Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering
Carmen Milian Guimera
Fabrication of small polymeric devices for oral drug delivery
Lars Emil Haslund
Pressure gradient estimation in super resolution imaging
Priming the tumor microenvironment in solid tumors for T cell engraftment and expansion after adoptive T cell therapy
Viktor Techen Lemgart
Programming of cancer specific T cells with mRNA nanoparticles
Yingchao Li
Spatial frequency-sequential probing for microscale imaging of complex living samples
Diamond based Sensing in Single Cells
Mona Nourbakhsh
Discovery of cancer driver genes for precision medicine in childhood cancers
Joshua Rubin
Use of Pangenomic Graphs for Hominin Mitochondrial Genomes
Rebecca Borum Rusborg
Biomedical Signal Processing & AI research
Maximilian Schaaf
Fabrication and characterization of drug delivery vehicles with stealth coatings
David Schultz
Gastro-intestinal delivery and biodistribution of oligonucleotides by lipid nanoparticle systems
Lisbeth Birkelund Simonsen
New applications and test modalities for the Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT) test
Giulia Zappalà
Exploiting Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) and Advanced Algorithms for Guiding Responses to Potential Chemical Threats (SERSing)

Detection of eukaryotic species using ancient and sedimentary DNA