Sofie Rahbek

PhD project by Sofie Rahbek

Name: Sofie Rahbek
Project Title: Development of Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (qMRI) Methods for Radiotherapy Response Studies
Group: Magnetic Resonance 
Supervisors: Lars G. Hanson, Faisal Mahmood and Kristoffer H. Madsen

Project Description:
MRI delivers high soft-tissue contrast and is already implemented as a helpful tool in the planning of radiotherapy for cancer patients. With the ability to not only reveal anatomy, but also to measure functional properties as local diffusion and perfusion, for example, the modality has a growing role in tumor delineation and a large potential of generating biomarkers for treatment response. This potential has recently resulted in the implementation of hybrid MRI-linear acceleration systems (MR-Linac), which enables day-to-day adaption of therapy plans and constitutes the possibility of obtaining a set of informative MRI scans during treatment delivery. This project concerns development of advanced data processing strategies (decompositions, prediction models, etc.) and optimized diffusion-weighted MRI sequences to extract tissue characteristics of prognostic value (biomarkers), while having clinical feasibility of the methods in mind.            
Currently, the course of radiotherapy is rather standardized and outcome is evaluated 2-3 months post treatment for the morphological effect to enter. Unfortunately, the outcome varies a lot and there is a need for higher efficacy. If MRI combined with advanced data processing can capture microstructural changes as an early effect of radiation such that treatment response can be revealed already during the course of therapy, personalized adaptions and interventions can be implemented. This will improve efficacy, and hopefully increase survival rate, and spare usage of unnecessary ionizing radiation.


Sofie Rahbek
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