Anne Birk Frahm

PhD project by Anne Birk Frahm

Name: Anne Birk Frahm
Project Title: Metabolomics using dissolution DNP-NMR
Group: Metabolic brain imaging
Supervisors: Mathilde Hauge Lerche and Pernille Rose Jensen

Project Description:
Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (dDNP) is a power full tool for enhancing sensitivity of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) measurements. By hyperpolarizing the nuclear spins, the signal-to-noise ratio can be enhanced over 40.000 times, but only on the time scale of seconds to a few minutes. The focus of this study is on how dDNP NMR obtained data from prostate cancer cells and tissue can be analysed to show the underlying metabolic patterns of the disease.

At present, many patients with prostate cancer are subjected to invasive treatments for slow developing cancers that could lie dormant for the rest of the patient’s life without harming him. More precise diagnostic tools could save people from complications from surgery, if we only treated people who’s cancer were likely to spread and cause damage. It is known that cell metabolism changes as it grows cancerous and develops other ways to produce energy compared to a healthy cell. If dDNP NMR data can be used to classify aggressive and non-aggressive prostate cancer samples correctly, knowledge about detectable metabolic profiles can be obtained and this could help to better diagnostics and treatment planning.


Figure 1 Separation of aggressive (PC3 and Du145) and less aggressive (PNT and LNCAP) prostate cancer cell lines. Made with PC-DFA analysis on dDNP NMR metabolic fingerprints.


Mathilde Hauge Lerche
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Pernille Rose Jensen
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