Milena Vujovic

PhD project by Milena Vujovic

Name: Milena Vujovic
Project Title: Statistical Modelling of TCR Repertoires for Immunotherapy and Drug Delievery Systems
Group: CBIO
Main Supervisor: Thomas L. Andresen, Supervisor: Paolo Marcatili

Project Description:
The aim of this project is disassembling mechanisms of immune system-tumour interaction, in particular to track and understand epitope spreading by means of high throughput sequencing and statistical modelling of T-cell receptor repertoires.

The statistical model will provide a framework for an engineered approach to rational selection of combination therapy and advance personalised medicine. The scope of the project includes improving therapeutic results of preclinical therapies with the final goal being potential translation into clinical trials.


Milena Vujovic
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Thomas Lars Andresen
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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