A. Josefine Munch Sørensen

Name: A Josefine Munch Sørensen
Project Title:
The effects of hearing loss and noise on conversational dynamics
Group: Hearing Systems
Ewen N MacDonald and Thomas Lunner

Project Description:

Conversation is an integral part of human social interaction. It is commonly known that hearing-impaired listeners tend to withdraw from and avoid noisy situations leading to reduced social interaction and isolation, and one of the central goals of hearing rehabilitation is to regain people’s ability and willingness to socialize. This project aims to investigate the temporal dynamics in conversations between two or more people to advance our fundamental understanding of how hearing loss influences communication.


We anticipate this project will inspire and support the development of new conversation-based test paradigms.Based on the results from this project, it may be possible to objectively evaluate novel hearing aid processing strategies and features via measures of conversational dynamics.