Roman Slipets

PhD project by Roman Slipets

Name: Roman Slipets
Project Title: Development of highly sensitive Raman spectroscopy system for monitoring of multicomponent drug mixtures in the ppm concentration range
Group: IDUN
Supervisor:  Anja Boisen, Tomas Rindzevicius

Project Description:
The main object of this project is to develop and a highly sensitive Raman spectroscopy system suitable for: reliable and quick multicomponent analysis of micrometer sized containers in the ppm concentration range; real-time, “in-liquid” analysis of important drug crystallization processes and investigate different hydrate systems implement effective data analysis tools.

  Combined with the classical least squares (CLS), principal component analysis (PCA) or multivariate curve resolution (MCR) data analysis techniques it should enable real-time, multicomponent monitoring of drug manufacturing, drug release or fermentation processes in the ppm concentration range. Also is planning to develop a system for studying the crystallographic properties of solid state materials based on Raman measurement instrument.

This system will allow to obtain extremely detailed, multicomponent 3D Raman maps down to the ppm concentration, real-time “in-liquid” multicomponent analysis of target compounds in real-time, bacteria-driven processes, fermentation processes. The possibility of studying crystalline properties in 3D will grandly expand the scope of use of the instrument. It will become a good addition to X-ray diffraction, and in the nearest future - the main competitor with a lot of opportunities.

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Roman Slipets
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