Martin Rasmussen

PhD project by Martin K. Rasmussen

Name: Martin K. Rasmussen
Project Title: Nanofluidics devices for bioimaging of lipid vesicles
Group: Nanofluidics and Bioimaging
Supervisor: Rodolphe Marie

Project Description: 
This project aims to develop nanofluidics devices for trapping individual lipid vesicles, to study their physical properties such as particle size, membrane rigidity, shape etc. for the use in drugdelivery by optical microscopy.

Liposome-based drug delivery is an emerging research field. Synthetic lipid vesicles can improve water solubility of a drug and its performance in particular when the drug is administered orally. With the ability to trap and perform accurate characterization of single lipid vesicle properties, sought after in this project, it will be possible to understand and improve the performance of lipids for drug delivery.  


Rodolphe Charly Willy Marie
Gruppeleder, Lektor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
45 25 56 76