PhD Student Björn-Ole Meyer

PhD project by Björn-Ole Meyer

Name: Björn-Ole Meyer
Project Title: Multimodal Biophotonics Imaging of Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer
Group: Biophotonic Imaging
Supervisor(s): Peter E. Andersen

Project description:
Early stages of cancer are typically characterized by changes on a cellular level and remain largely undetected by current non-invasive screening techniques. Optical methods, such as Multiphoton Microscopy (MPM), have the ability to detect these changes. In order to develop diagnostic tools (e.g. endoscopes), measurable parameters need to be defined as biomarkers for specific diseases. To establish these biomarkers, methods are developed to investigate three core hypothesis: (1) Variations in cell autofluorescence spectra are linked to metabolic activity and serve as a functional biomarker. (2) Spectral bands can be defined for a specific application, which allows for optimal cell classification using a simplified detection. (3) Structural features can be extracted from MPM images and in combination with functional biomarkers can improve cell classification.

Biophotonic imaging methods, among other technologies, have shown great potential for non-invasive, real-time tissue classification. Systematic testing is necessary to define disease specific biomarkers and evaluate multiple modalities, for high diagnostic accuracy and patient safety. The studies in this thesis aim to develop platforms and methods for the evaluation of biophotonic imaging modalities as well as the definition of cancer biomarkers and their dependency on environmental influences. Knowledge of these biomarkers ultimately defines the specifications for diagnostic devices and enables the development of better tools for early stage cancer diagnosis.



Peter Eskil Andersen
Gruppeleder, Seniorforsker
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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