Aleksandra Koprowska

PhD project by Aleksandra Koprowska

Name: Aleksandra Koprowska
Project Title: Auditory training strategies to improve speech intelligibility in hearing-impaired listeners
Group: Hearing Systems
Supervisors: Jeremy Marozeau (DTU), Torsten Dau (DTU), Maja Serman (Sivantos GmbH)

Project Description:
The objective of this project is to develop different auditory training strategies and assess their efficacy in improving speech intelligibility in hearing-impaired listeners. The training paradigms will target various aspects of auditory perception that have been proven crucial for processing and understanding speech. The participants with similar hearing profiles will be recruited to undergo one of the training programs or to be a part of an active control group involved in a non-relevant task. The benefits of training will be assessed via questionnaires as well as behavioral, electrophysiological and cognitive measures.  

Despite an enormous improvement of hearing-aid technology over the past years, providing good speech intelligibility to people with hearing loss, especially in noisy environments and large-group conversations, still constitutes a considerable challenge for researchers and clinicians. Auditory training is one of the potential strategies that can alleviate speech-comprehension problems through the development of perceptual and cognitive skills. A better understanding of training-related mechanisms will lead to designing more efficient training programs that will substantially improve the quality of communication of hearing-impaired in their everyday life.


Jeremy Marozeau
Gruppeleder, Lektor
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Torsten Dau
Sektionsleder, Professor
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