Ulla Kring Hansen

PhD project by Ulla Kring Hansen

Name: Ulla Kring Hansen
Project Title: Characterisation of T cell responses induced following immunotherapy
Group: T cells and cancer
Supervisor: Sine Reker Hadrup

Project Description:
The main object of this project is to investigate the CD8+ T cell population in cancer patients enrolled in clinical trials with immunotherapy. Analysis of the T cell population before, during and after therapy can reveal induced T cell reactivity against the cancer as a response to the immune modulation. Using a high-throughput method more than 1000 potential targets can be screened simultaneously. Depending on the cancer type, the targets are either neo-peptides derived from mutations or cancer-specific expression of viral proteins.

The use of immunotherapy has shown very promising results across varying cancer types compared to conventional treatment such as chemotherapy. Knowledge from this study is useful for evaluating the immunotherapy and potentially predict the clinical outcome for a given patient. Moreover, it will reveal the T cell targets on the cancer cells, which could be used in new cell based therapies especially benefitting the non-responders.



Sine Reker Hadrup
Sektionsleder, Professor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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