Xiaotong Feng

PhD project by Xiaotong Feng

Name:  Xiaotong Feng
Project Title: Development of NanoBiosensor for Detection of Food Contaminants
Group: Nanomaterials and Nanobiosensors
Supervisor: Yi Sun

Project Description:
The aim of this project is to design, synthesize and characterize molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles (nanoMIPs), which have recognition sites that can specifically bind with target molecules. The potential of using this new nanomaterial in three areas are focused: as a biomimetic receptor in biosensor; as a carrier in drug delivery; and as an enzyme inhibitor in PCR assay.

By studying and using nanoMIPs, this project will develop new solutions to solve challenges in biosensing, life sciences and medicine.



Yi Sun
Gruppeleder, Lektor
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
26 67 39 98