Martin Kisha Kræmer

PhD project by Martin Kræmer

Name: Martin Kræmer
Project Title:  Prodrugs and linker systems for degradation in diseased tissue as part of liposomal drug delivery systems
Group: CBIO
Supervisor: Professor Thomas Lars Andresen

Project Description:
This PhD project is a part of a larger research project that focuses on understanding how immunotherapeutics, based on immune cell targeted drug delivery systems, should be designed in order to optimize the effect of radiotherapy in the combat against cancer. More specifically, this PhD project deals with designing new prodrugs based on novel linkers that can be used to formulate immunotherapeutic drugs in liposomal formulations.

Since the immune cells clear out the tumor cells that are killed by radiotherapy, an enhancement of a suppressed immune system may enable the immune system to fight other tumors in the patients. A larger understanding on how to design immunotherapeutics will thus aid current cancer treatments, where the suppressed immune system of cancer patients is an obstacle.


Thomas Lars Andresen
DTU Sundhedsteknologi
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