Marie Louise Laub Busk

PhD project by Marie Louise Laub Busk

Name: Marie Louise Laub Busk
Project Title: Single-molecule mRNA sequencing (SMS) for highly sensitive quantification of minimal residual disease markers of cancer
Group: Fluidic Array Systems and Technology
Supervisor: Martin Dufva

Project Description:
This Ph. D. project undertakes the development of a novel and highly sensitive diagnostic analysis termed single molecule mRNA sequencing (SMS), which may provide (i) early diagnosis of leukemic disorders, in particular chronic myeloid leukaemia, (ii) early diagnosis of leukemic relapse, and (iii) early detection of transitions from one state of leukaemia to another.

The assay will detect mRNA in peripheral blood using a sensitive RNA hybridisation assay on 2D micro-droplet arrays for single molecule analysis.

The project vision is to enable construction of a diagnostic module to allow in-depth analysis of clinical samples in a straight-forward fashion, such that the treatment of leukemic disorders can be individually tailored to the patient to a much greater extent than it is currently.

The project is expected to give rise to not only a highly sensitive diagnostic instrument prototype, but also to yield clinical results regarding the finding of mutations as a marker for disease progression etc.In addition, the technology developed in this Ph. D. project is expected to have a clear, although long-term, impact on society, because by enabling early disease diagnosis and personalized medical treatments, individuals may experience a higher life-quality and hospitals may experience shorter (and less expensive) medical treatments for a wide array of cancer.

Figure 1: Instrumentation for fluorescence detection on the 2D micro-droplet array. The set-up can be operated manually or semi-automatically.

Figure 2
Figure 2: 2D micro-droplet array with green fluorescent droplets containing a target molecule. Non-fluorescent droplets does not contain the target molecule.


Martin Dufva
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