Services and Products

DTU Health Tech offers access to a number of unique products and services.

Based on unique facilities and specialized knowledge on a variety of health technology solutions, DTU Health Tech offers the following products and services to hospitals, public authorities, private companies, other universities, research institutes as well as other departments and centres at DTU.

Industrial dosimetry is carried out at the Risø High Dose Reference Laboratory (HDRL) where services are offered to the radiation processing industry in Denmark and abroad.

Radiopharmaceuticals are produced at the Hevesy Laboratory, a fully qualified/validated manufacturing site with a GMP compliant organization
A variety of radioactive isotopes for medical and technical purposes are offered based on irradiation either by protons on DTU Health Tech's own cyclotrons or by neutrons at different reactors in Europe and in USA.
The GMP Unit ensures that the Hevesy Laboratory is a fully qualified/validated QC (Quality Control Laboratory) with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant organization