Isak Hannes Wahlstedt

PhD project by Isak Wahlstedt

Name: Isak Wahlstedt
Project Title: New planning concept for online adaptive and online monitored MR-linac radiotherapy
Group: Dosimetry
Claus Erik Andersen, Claus Behrens, Ivan Richter Vogelius

Project Description:
Radiotherapy with online magnetic resonance (MR) image guidance has recently become commercially available and the clinical implementation is in progress worldwide. The ability to continuously image the irradiated volume while treating the patient in combination with the ability for online adaptation requires a new paradigm for treatment planning and dose delivery. The overall objective of this PhD therefore is (i) to define and evaluate the geometric and temporal uncertainties in online MR guided and online-adapted radiotherapy, and (ii) transform the found uncertainties into new planning approaches, and iii) evaluate the dosimetric impact of the new planning approaches.

The end goal of my project  is a new set of guidelines for treatment planning of online-adapted and internally gated radiotherapy treatments.


Isak Hannes Wahlstedt
PhD student
DTU Health Tech


Claus E. Andersen
Head of section
DTU Health Tech
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