JP Narag

PhD project by Jadze Princeton Narag

Name: Jadze Princeton Narag
Project Title: Visualizing transport at biological barriers with high temporal and spatial detail
Group: Bio-Observatory
Supervisor(s): Emil Boye Kromann, Niels Bent Larsen, Jens E. Wilhjelm

Project Description:
Our goal is to enable visualization of peptides with distinct properties as they traverse a model of the intestinal barrier, thus providing a platform for obtaining a deeper understanding of the selective transport processes involved in the uptake of drugs/nutrients. We will construct a state-of-the-art lattice light-sheet fluorescence microscope with adaptive optics capability for live-sample imaging, and to optimize it for use with organ-on-a-chip models of the intestine. This imaging-based method of inquiry is also generalizable to investigations of many other biological processes and other organ-models.

Uptake from the intestine to the blood is mediated by an intestinal barrier which exhibits some selectivity, i.e. mechanisms in the intestinal barrier define which compounds are absorbed and which are not. We want to uncover what and how different types of peptides pass from the intestines to the bloodstream and to answer questions like: Do they pass through the cells? Do they pass between the cells? If they do not pass, where do they stop? Do they pass in vesicles? If so, which vesicle type? Learning more about these mechanisms and understanding what drives them will help in the design and development of efficient delivery of oral drugs to different target cells.




Emil Boye Kromann
Groupleader, Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
(+45) 23 37 22 38


Niels Bent Larsen
Head of Section, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Jens E. Wilhjelm
Professor, Group leader
DTU Health Tech
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