Ann-Kathrin Mündler

PhD project by Ann-Kathrin Mündler

Name: Ann-Kathrin Mündler
Project Title: Synthesis of bio-conjugated peptides for the study of intestinal absorption and transport.
Group: Colloids & Biological Interfaces
Supervisors: Thomas Lars Andresen, Andrew Urquhart and Morten Borre Hansen

Project Description: 
The goal of this project is to design, synthesize and evaluate bio-conjugated peptides for the study of intestinal absorption. By introducing modifications to the peptides, their biophysical properties are altered. The resulting peptide libraries make it possible to study the transport and absorption of peptides across the intestinal barrier using biophysical characterizations, different in-vitro and ex-vivo models and fluorescence microscopy. The obtained results will provide us with a deeper and better understanding of the underlying transport mechanisms of peptides across the intestinal barrier. 

The compound class of peptides are becoming an emerging market in the pharmaceutical sector. Due to the peptide’s intrinsic biophysical properties (high molecular weight, big polar surface area etc.) membrane permeation and therefore oral drug delivery of these molecules remains challenging. Gaining mechanistic insights and a deeper understanding of potential transport mechanisms across membranes will make it possible to provide innovative solutions for the oral delivery of peptides.