Hólmfridur Rósa Halldórsdóttir

PhD project by Hólmfridur Rósa Halldórsdóttir

Name: Hólmfridur Rósa Halldórsdóttir
Project Title: Optimizing solid cancer treatment with local immuno‐gel injection with immunostimulatory drugs
Group: Colloids & Biological Interfaces (CBIO)
Supervisor: Thomas L. Andresen

Project Description: 
The aim of this project is to optimise and better understand adoptive cell transfer by creating a novel method for tracking and visualising the adaptive cells in vivo. This will be done using radioactive isotopes incorporated into nanoparticles that will be loaded into adaptive cells prior to transfer. Using a positron emission tomography (PET) scan we will track the homing of the cells over time. The method can be used to compare different combinatory immunotherapies, e.g. adoptive cell transfer with radiotherapy, immunostimulatory drugs and monoclonal antibodies. The tumour microenvironment can then further be analysed ex vivo using flow cytometry to characterise the different infiltrating immune cells, their phenotype, activation status and survival.

The emergence of immunotherapy has blown fresh winds into the sails of cancer research. Immunotherapy aims at reprogramming and re-stimulating the patient’s own immune system so it can serve its important function of tumour elimination. To this end, various methods have been developed and tested eg. cancer vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and adoptive cell transfer. However, not all patients respond or benefit from these novel treatments. Understanding why and which mechanisms are in play in responding and non¬responding patients is of uttermost importance to improve these treatments and prevent relapse in patients. This project will provide tools to better understand the mechanisms that are in play in the tumour microenvironment under immunotherapy treatment.



Thomas Lars Andresen
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