søren elmin diederichsen

PhD project by Søren Elmin Diederichsen

Name: Søren Elmin Diederichsen
Project Title: Micromachined integrated transducers for ultrasound imaging
Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging
Supervisors: Jørgen Arendt Jensen and Erik Thomsen

Project Description

Medical ultrasound imaging is widely used for diagnostic imaging of internal body structures. The transducers used today are based on piezoelectric transduction and are manufactured by the dicing and polishing of ceramic materials which is a time consuming and costly process. Companies and research groups around the world are therefore looking for new and improved ways of fabricating the next generation of ultrasound transducers.

The new 2D transducers are currently being fabricated using silicon technology and optimised using finite element modelling. The SARUS research scanner at the Center for Fast Ultrasound is used for measurements on both 1D and 2D transducers.

Later next year these devices will be integrated in a probe demonstrating true 3D imaging using the row-column principle. Also, a technical and clinical evaluation of the assembled 1D CMUT probe will be performed.

These developments will enable future portable scanner systems.


Jørgen Arendt Jensen
Groupleader, Professor, Ph.D., Dr.Techn.
DTU Health Tech
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Erik Vilain Thomsen
Head of Division, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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