PhD defence by Madhu Veetikazhy

On Wednesday 22 September 2021, Madhu Veetikazhy will defend his PhD thesis "Towards Multi-photon Light-sheet Microscopy through a Fiber".

Time: 14:00

Place: bldg. 306, aud. 32
& zoom:

Please be aware that the PhD defence may be recorded - This will also be informed at the beginning of the PhD defence. 

Principal supervisor: Senior researcher Peter E. Andersen
Co-supervisor: Researcher Dominik Marti
Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Anders K. Hansen

Professor Karsten Rottwitt, DTU Photonics
Senior Lecturer Tom Vettenburg, University of Dundee
Senior Scientist LozaAlvarez, ICFO –Institutde CiènciesFotòniques

Chairperson at defence: Professor Anders Kristensen

The work aimed to introduce a minimally invasive method that aids deeper and faster fluorescence imaging for real-time cancer diagnostics in vivo. A lensless multi-photon light-sheet fluorescence endoscope can deliver “sheets of light” at the tip of the endoscope that enables a whole plane in the tissue to be imaged as a snapshot. This technology also offers further miniaturization of the imaging probe by getting rid of any optics at the endoscope tip.

The following works were carried out in pursuit of the above goals. A pig colon was imaged without the help of any external dyes. The depth of imaging in tissue was improved through a facile implementation of attenuation-compensation. Next, a numerical simulation tool was developed in MATLAB to choose the best optical fiber for the endoscope. Finally, steps were taken to implement the illumination arm of the two-photon lensless light-sheet endoscope using a hexagonal multicore fiber.

The advanced imaging methods presented in this work can be combined with other new complementary imaging modalities to improve the current cancer-screening endoscopes. The multimodal endoscope will have the potential to enable a “google-map-like” view with a “zoom” option for improving specificity and sensitivity of cancer detection - a path to harness the best of all worlds for world health. 


Wed 22 Sep 21
14:00 - 17:00


DTU Sundhedsteknologi


Bldg. 306, aud. 32 & Zoom