Radioactive isotopes and tracers

The Hevesy Laboratory is specialised in the production of a wide number of radioactive isotopes for medical and technical purposes. We offer reactor produced radioactive isotopes for research and technical purposes. These isotopes are produced by neutron irradiation of target materials at different reactors in Europe and the US. The irradiated materials are returned to DTU Health Tech, where they are processed, before the final products are distributed to customers in Denmark and abroad.

Bromine-82 for technical use
Bromine-82 is used by specialised companies in Denmark as a tracer for leak location in closed hot-water installations.

Production and sales of isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals
The Hevesy Laboratory currently produces 18F-Fludeoxyglucose under a marketing permit and a number of other radiopharmaceuticals as part of a compassionate use programmes for diagnostic purposes.

Reactor produced radioactive isotopes
On special request The Hevesy Laboratory offers on a commercial basis reactor produced radioactive isotopes in the form of unprocessed irradiations, sources and radiochemicals.

DTU Health Tech demonstration sources
The Hevesy Laboratory produces 4 different types of sealed demonstration sources.



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